Day 1, 4/15/13

Today I am starting this thing to keep my sanity. I have soo many fears, the guy who runs purgatory is afraid of my mind. the reason i need to keep my sanity is because A.) I have watched and read many creepypastas and my small mind absorbs it and makes my brain turn into a funhouse ( the creepy kind).B.) I do the same thing over and over everyday and I have no choice to do anything else. My greatest fear is death, not for leaving this world, but the concept of eternity. if i went to heaven I would go insane and if i can’t, then it will be the the first thing invented in heaven. Hell is another story, being tortured for eternity is worse/better. It is worse because you would still be doing the same thing over and over again. It is better in a millifraction of a way because you will get use to it. and it’s something.

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